Merchant Service Company Service Quotes

In order to give you accurate merchant services quotes, you will be asked for some information. For example, do you sell products or services? What type of product or service do you sell? Will the card processor be on-site (in person) or will it be phone or Internet based as well?

Another thing you will be required to provide is credit information. This will include the information of the owner.

Your Merchant Service Company quote will also involve any merchant services history the business may have, requiring a statement of past charges and charge backs related to the former account. A high charge back amount will affect the cost of service due to high risk. While many companies might advertise a high acceptance rate, the reality of those offers is that the fees will still be greater for a high risk account.

In summation, the quote will be based on credit history of all involved owners listed on the application, a full history of any former merchant services accounts, the type of business making the application, and the services or goods offered in the business.

Businesses considering applying for a Merchant Service Company account should consider all these factors in seeking a merchant services quote. Working to improve negative factors can help to ensure a smooth application process and a great chance of approval with reasonable Merchant Services quotes for the merchant account you seek.

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