Only Merchant Service Company offers the industry’s lowest rates and fees for online accounts

Online merchant services mean fewer, if any, trips to the bank. Deposits are completed online by using the online feature of a business merchant account. This also means that individual payments and deposits reach a business bank account faster, accelerating and improving cash flow. Accepting card-based payments online also provides greater security through the built-in fraud protection and risk management features included by service providers. Businesses who accept these do not have to worry whether a check will bounce or an invoice will be paid; transactions are authorized and approved before an order is completed.


A Merchant Service Company account to a credit card processing provider gives a business 24/7 access to their account details including statements, individual transactions, deposits, and chargebacks. Many Merchant Services providers include a handy plug-in to bookkeeping software, like Intuit Quickbooks, allowing transaction and deposit information to transfer seamlessly. There is no waiting for a monthly bank statement to arrive in the mail because all records are accessible fast through the business’s online account.


Online credit card acceptance allow a business to work with customers anywhere across the globe. Currency exchange is never an issue because the credit card company manages it so a comparison makes sense on basis of credit card processing charges. The around-the-clock nature of online credit card processing effectively eliminates time zones. Businesses who accept this type of payment report a dramatic increase in sales, and individual credit card purchases are typically 20 to 30% higher than cash sales.


Online merchant account are the answer for any business looking for payment processing solutions for their e-commerce based business. A website can accept major credit card and debit card payments 365 days a year by utilizing this type of Merchant Account. We offer secure, real-time credit and debit card processing options using a website’s shopping cart or virtual terminal. 

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